Nothing like laughing !

This is a piece of a lesson for a class that involves visual literacy and written expression.

Post a picture and ask students to react to it by commenting. The comments will become available as you choose to approve them, and can serve as a prelude to a discussion.

A colleague, Janie Clark, suggests having students write about came before what is happening here, what is happening in the picture, and what comes next. -Super idea!

Nothing like laughing !, originally uploaded by dhammza.

Please comment. Write a sentence or two based on this photo.

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3 Comments on “Nothing like laughing !”

  1. Michelle La Voie Says:

    What a sweet picture. It shows how humor spans across all ages and brings people together. I love the child – he looks like he’s having a good belly-laugh!

  2. Denise Lee Says:

    Hi Andy,

    This is a wonderful picture. It reminds me of my childhood and all of the wonderful times
    I had with my grandmother. Believe it or not this is how I am with my grandson Dajhin
    who lives in San Francisco. Thanks for sharing!

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