Constructing the Global Classroom

This Sunday afternoon NYSCATE session was led by Bill Reilly, Disney 2006 “Teacher of the Year” teacher award winner. He gave a fantastic 4 min video presentation on global connection and making learning come alive. While on the Half Moon in New York Harbor on 9-11, and in the weeks following, he was inspired. Started the The Global Coalition. This links kids from all over the world.


This year they have been making video newscasts (with Pinnacle Media Plus.)They get comments and are incorporating them to improve. (estimate 6-8000/broadcast)

They also do emailing using ePals primarily. It provides secure email for schools that teachers and admins can preview. He has located 50% of his contacts that way. They are inviting schools to listen in and join.

They use Skype. He showed a video of a Skype conference that took place between his class and one in Russia yesterday. Engagement was palpable. They started a school in Belize, have sent peace flags around the world, collected art, sold the art from around the world and donated proceeds to support the school. Children in Zimbabwee were living on a bowl of porridge a day are now living on milk, eggs, and meat from animals purchased by his kids. Plans are for a youtube funraising event.

Four years ago he felt that he could not do much. Now he is inspired.

Possible partnerships are sprouting in my mind. He suggests choosing one or a couple schools to communicate with.

I spoke via Skype with Mikhail in a small village in Mordovia, Russia, and ESL teacher there. The connection was warbly, butI will find some ways to replicate this back in Ithaca.

Check out the unit at this site.

You do not need to be a world leader or a rock star to change things. Butyou can’t do this.

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