Communication: What’s the Best Tool?

An explosion in communication tools is spreading as technology springs forward. There have been many tools for much of human existence, so in a sense nothing is really new. Yet communication streams and networks are in rapid transformation. New vehicles for exchange include blogs, podcasts, vodcasts, and wikis, with more on the way- each with potential for variable distribution or containment.
What is the best tool? Well, obviously it depends on the content of the message and plans to extend the content or broadcast it. But fundamentally, an agreement to communicate with a given tool set is the primary determinant of communication quality. Tin cans and string work better than other options if that is what the parties wish to use.

It is not unusual for people to say, “I don’t check my email.”

It is not uncommon for people, even ones who know each other, to walk past one another.

The fundamental question is, “Do we want to communicate?” All too often, the answer based on the evidence is negative. And then what are we saying?

But the trend is hopeful, leading toward more articulate and varied communication using new communication and networking tools and information resources. Young people are linking with friends near and far, learning to callaborate around common interests. Many of us are building personal learning communities, and creating relationships that formenrly could not exist due to geography.

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