Tim Shanahan’s Framework

My plan is to take this framework and link activities and resources that support the Framework’s elements. Please comment, and I will add resources to what is here. Andy
Word Knowledge
25% or 2-3 hours of instruction

1. Sight Vocabulary (know a growing body of words that can be read quickly, accurately and easily)
2. Phonemic Awareness and Phonics (sound-symbol relationships)
3. Spelling (conventional ways, accurately)
4. Structural Analysis (prefixes, suffixes, vocabulary)
5. Word Meaning


Up to 25% or 2-3 hours of instruction

1. Reading speed
2. Oral reading accuracy
3. Phrasing
4. Expression
5. Has to sound like English language, e.g., grouping of words


25% or 2-3 hours of instruction

1. Types of information (teach students to look for particular types of information and drawing inferences)
2. Organization of information (different text structures and ways to remember information)
3. Comprehension, inquiry and study strategies (techniques, e.g., prediction, summarizing)
Graphic Organizers


25% or 2-3 hours of instruction

1. Purposes (variety – narrative, persuasive, explanatory, descriptive)
2. Products (e.g., support, elaboration, convention that can be observed in any product)
3. Processes (procedures, activities that will help to write effectively, e.g., brainstorming)
4. Audiences (e.g.., prior knowledge of readers, interests of readers)
Sites for Publishing Student Work
Blogging Techniques for the K12 Classroom

Writing with Technology: Resources compiled by Andrew Yale

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